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Sharp as Lemons

People may knock walls down, November winds may sweep away the works of man and nature alike. Age may whisk hopes and dreams aside but something remains, glimpsed between the lines.

In this collection, that something can be found flying colours sharp as lemons between leaf and stem, between exhibits in a glass case, between leaving home and coming back and among pin-prick stars in space: find it circling with courting pigeons and talking with river water; find it in a gate left open, in the lowering of a gun and the rustling of a privet hedge.

These are the works of the authors shortlisted in Earlyworks Press competitions in 2013, including a set by Jacqui Rochford, winner of the poetry competition and Jeanne Davies, winner of the flash fiction competition.

Paperback £7.99 + £1.50 p&p to UK addresses

ISBN 9781906451950



This is a book about Alice

...and about dance, gerbils, beetles, ponytails, wolves, seagulls, twilight, Galileo, feathers, tarts, butterflies, roses, cornstalks, tracksuits, earwigs, eyes, cakes, tax, freedom, graffiti, ash, stew, velour, hindquarters, ink, a scorpion, Pan, a cemetery, fish, rabbits, guns, violets and oranges... in short, itís an anthology of the very best poetry and flash fiction Earlyworks Press received in 2012, which means itís a book about just about everything. Itís funny, clever, sad, sentimental, ruthless... keep turning the pages. Thereís no end to the adjectives you could use - until of course, you meet the Very Good Point at the end.

Poetry and Flash Fiction from Earlyworks Press

Containing works by the winners of the

2012 Flash Fiction Competition ( extracts here  )

2012 Poetry Competition ( extracts here  )

and guest appearances by 

Joe Fearn, Steve Pottinger and 'Funmi Adewole

ISBN 9781906451738 (ebook 9781906451783)

Paperback £7.99 + £1.50 p&p to UK addresses



Writing on Water


poetry and flash fiction


Earlyworks Press


Containing works by the winners of the

2011 Flash Fiction Competition ( extracts here )

2011 Web Poetry competition ( extracts here )

including sets by our Poetry Kit Award nominated poet

Marilyn Francis, and Poetry Kit Award Winners

Jane Osis and Ginna Wilkerson

and the Mark Rickman memorial selection ( more info here )

Published by Earlyworks Press 

ISBN 9781906451370

£6.99 + £1.50 p&p to UK addresses



Read a sample.....

Poetry Extracts     Flash Fiction Extracts


Sky Breakers

More Poetry and Flash Fiction

from Earlyworks Press



Do you know why the sky is blue? 
                                                               Really know? 

Within these pages you will dream of peacocks and learn what happens when barnacles march across rocks, then pause for breath as the sea gathers the next breaker. But be sure to watch out for the angels - angels of the dung, grotesques, gargoyles, Ďstep on a crack, break your motherís backí - and welcome the gentler kind; clouded yellow butterflies and girls with pony tails.


Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 978 1 906451 29 5

£6.99 + £1.50 p&p to UK addresses


back eyes poetry cover pic

Read a sample.....

Poetry Extracts      Flash Fiction Extracts


back eyes poetry


Poetry & Flash Fiction

from Earlyworks Press


Following the success of 'Misfit Mirror', Earlyworks Press has produced a second collection of poetry and flash fiction, giving this year's competition winners an opportunity to provide a wider sample of their work. Includes collections of poems by R J Hansford, Sylvia Oldroyd, Nigel Humphreys and Steve Mann.



Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 978 1 906451 18 9

£6.50 + £1.50 p&p to UK addresses

Misfit Mirror

Misfit Mirror - an anthology of poetry, flash fiction and stories from Earlyworks Press


"When is a castle wall a reflection and when is it solid stone? Can a mirror offer a true reflection? .... Art, poetry, micro-fiction and short story combine to confuse, amaze and delight in this distinctively different anthology.

    - Catherine Edmunds: artist, poet and story-teller.


£6.50 + £1.50 p&p to UK addresses

£6.50 + £2.50 p&p to Europe


£6.50 + £3.50 p&p to USA and ROW



Shoogle Tide

Shoogle Tide, Earlyworks Press Poetry - cover pic

Extracts & Reviews



Nigel Humphreys ponders the nature of luck whilst Margaret Eddershaw soars over Rio, Marianne Brown goes cycling in Hanoi and Sylvia Oldroyd attends a memorable funeral in Rome; meanwhile, Poul Webb takes a coffee break in everycity, Phil Powley takes a train to everywhere and David R Morgan waits on the edge of the city and the wilds.

Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 9780955342974 

   £6.99 + £1.50 towards p&p to UK addresses









Beyond the Greyscale - cover pic

Extracts & Reviews:

   Roadie                       Greyscale

Beyond the Greyscale, the first solo collection from popular Hastings character

Terry Sorby

If you donít know what itís like to grow old, read this book and find out. If you do, read this book and yell, ďYEAH!Ē

If you donít know what itís like to work with the disadvantaged, the abused and the lost, to take on the pain and the despair of the many and come up smiling, then try the extraordinary, bubbling pot of grief, giggles and philosophy this collection hurls at the reader Or if you've read Greyscale, and you think you can take more, try 'Roadie & Co'.


Beyond the Greyscale

Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 978 1 9064451 02 8

  £6.50 + £1.50 towards p&p to UK addresses




Roadie & Co

Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 978 1 9064451 08 0

  £6.50 + £1.50 towards p&p to UK addresses


Routemasters & Mushrooms

      Routemasters and Mushrooms cover: illustration by Kath Keep        

Extracts & Reviews


Earlyworks Press is off to a good start with their first anthology Ė an intriguing title, and some excellent and varied poems from such well-known names as Roger Elkin. - Carole Baldock, Editor of Orbis.


 Not a single bland, run-of-the-mill poem in the mix.

 Ė DJ Tyrer, Atlantean Publishing  


Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 9780955342902 

   £5.50 + 1.50p towards p&p to UK addresses




Digitally Organic

Digitally Organic - Front Cover

Extracts & Reviews


In this collection, ideas about how we relate to animals, to landscape and to each other, and some wonderfully observed portraits of the natural world, are set against the sometimes extraordinary efforts of human beings to live within the complex, technological world we have made for ourselves.

Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 9780955342967

£6.50 + £1.50  towards p&p to UK addresses


You can also order any of  these books from your local bookshop, or buy direct by sending a cheque made out to Kay Green to Earlyworks Press, The Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings Sussex TN34 1HL


And finally.... 



Sweet and Sour Bites of Life 


Slippery Stories, Perplexing Poems and Devious Drawings


Drive a Prawn Crackers!

Porkies back cover

Some Extracts:







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