Earlyworks Press produces anthologies of poetry and fiction by writers who have been successful in our competitions, as well as work by members of our club and their associates. Our competitions are open to all, attracting work of a high standard from across the English-speaking world.

Our competitions offer online or anthology publication, cash prizes, and an opportunity to join in with our club actvitites.

Our club is centred on a private forum, a secure place to develop and discuss work and share information about writing, publishing and marketing. Members attend book fairs and organise launches and other events in the UK and abroad, as well as occasional informal meetings.

Welcome to Earlyworks Press - a small press, event organiser and writing community.

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All competitions offer cash prizes and online or anthology publication opportunities.

We have published a series of anthologies around the works of competition winners and shortlisted authors. These are quality paperbacks, marketed to bookshops and reviewed and promoted to showcase our winning authors. Shortlisted authors receive a free copy of any book that features their work, and further, discounted copies if they request them.

For a behind-the-scenes look at our competitions, see Hard work, sleepless nights and one day, maybe.

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Past competitions

2019 results - details on the Editor's Blog...

2019 Flash Fiction Competition results.

2019 Poetry Competition results.

2019 Short Story Competition results.


Short Story competition

The shortlist of the 2018 short story competition is as follows:

David Burke, Lorraine Cooke, Anthony Dickens, K A Easton, David Gray-Clough, Juliet Hill, John Holland, Hilary Hopker, Susan Imgrund, Colin Johnson, Jupiter Jones, Alexander Kupfer, Clayton Lister, Helen Liston, Ben Major, David Mathews, Greg Michaelson, Geoff Nuttall, Valerie Purcell, Michael Romyn, L F Roth, Ashley Smith, Janet H Swinney

The £200 winner for 2018 is Alexander Kupfer.

More information about the results and the winners' anthology on the editor's blog, here.

Trigger Warnings all round!.

Flash Fiction competition

Winner: Jim Bowen

Competition anthology: Records, Rivers and Rats

Poetry competition

Winner: Christopher M James Runner up - Nadia Seward
Commendations - John Baylis Post, Ion Corcos and Rachael Street

Competition anthology: Records, Rivers and Rats




Short Story competition

Winner: Katy Wimhurst for The Sorcery of Smog

The shortlist: Sharon Boyle, Gillian Brown, Paul Burns, Richard Buxton, Rebecca Camu, Joe Gibbs, Jez Hodesdon, Sue Hoffmann, Graham Hubbard, Anthony James, Chandra Masoliver, Helen Mayall, Jonathan Page, Andrew Peters, Leslie Stevenson, P J Stephenson, Janet Swinney, Jennifer Tucker, Charles Warren, Katy Wimhurst and William Wood

Excellent offerings from all these writers - all memorable, well crafted stories - some standing out for a clean, poetic style, others for hitting the Zeitgeist with breath-taking skill, others for raising a laugh a question, or a valuable train of thought.

Competition anthology: Sorcery of Smog

Flash Fiction competition

Winner: Jonathan Page for Horseplay

The shortlist: Laura Besley, Cecile Bol, Sharon Boyle, Eirlys Chui, Caroline Deacon, Supie Dunbar, Lisa Donoghue, Cedric Fox-Kirk, John Holland, Ben Howels, Jonathan Page, Catherine Perrins, and Jacqueline Winn

Competition anthology: Origami poems and towering stories

Poetry competition

Winner: John Gallas for How to make a Chough | Second prize: Mandy Pannett for one of three ships | First commendation: Jocelyn Simms | Commendations: Brian Charlton, Lorna Liffen

The shortlist: Matthew Adamo, Elaine Beeby, Cecile Bol, Indigo Buckler, Philip Burton, Brian Charlton, Andria J Cooke, Ion Corcos, Caroline M Davies, Roger Elkin, John Gallas, Sean Gibson, Ruth Hanchett, Harvey Martin, Christopher James, Sue Kauth, Danny Kent, Lorna Liffen, Anna O’Donoghue, Mandy Pannett, Jennifer Richards, A K S Shaw, Jocelyn Simms, Richard Smith, Joanna Wakefield, Nico Volkerts, Stephen Williams, Glen Wilson, William Wood, Abigail Elisabeth Ottley

Competition anthology: Origami poems and towering stories


Short story competition

Winner: Susan Imgrund for The Dictator's Daughter

Shortlist: Natasha Bland, Stuart Gardner, Sue Hoffmann, Susan Imgrund, Linda Irish, Taria Karillion, Katie Lewis, Yvonne Mallett, Adrian Markle, Sue Mays, Rhonwen McCormack, Rebecca Mayhew, Jonathan Page, Wendy Stedman, P J Stephenson, Tom Szendrai, Valerie Thompson, Ian Tucker, Charles Warren, Christine Webb and Chris Williams

It's in the detail...

£200 awaited the winner, and we were stuck there for some time, arguing the merits of this and that out of a collection of unquestionably excellent entries. We got it down to four by being really picky about wanting a good story, well shaped, well realised, cleanly told, well presented, carefully edited, with no need of red pen work from us. Special mention for Susan Imgrund, Katie Lewis, Ian Tucker and Margi Hatjoullis all of whom had entries that were recommended for first place more than once along the way but it’s a competition, there has to be a winner, and we have chosen - it's Susan Imgrund for “The Dictator’s Daughter”.

Competition anthology: Apples, Shadows and Light

Flash fiction competition

Winner: Andrew Irvine for First Love | Runner-up: Catherine Edmunds for Red Slippers

Shortlist: K B Baker, Dyan Colclough, Sally Davies, John Holland, Stephanie Martin, Tom Payne, Edmund Piper, Harry Pratchett, Linda Sage, Tom Tibble, D J Tyrer, Ann Wright

Competition anthology: Apples, Shadows and Light


Short story competition

Winner: Jonathan Page for The Teacher

Well done to Jonathan for an exceptionally well-crafted and enjoyable story. Other authors whose entries impressed, and which are included in the anthology, are as follows.

Shortlist: Cedric Fox-Kirk, Bruce Harris, Colin Heffernan, Kieran Lambe, Barbara Lee, Harvey Martin, Emma Myatt, Jasmina Svenne, Alison Wassell

Competition anthology: Journeys Beyond

Web poetry competition

Winner: David Crann for Girl Soldiers – Equal Opportunities for post traumatic stress | Runner-up: Jan Harris for Eva, Homo Sapiens ssp. brokenheart

Judge's comments on David Crann's winning poem: This is a sad and cynical poem, superbly written throughout. However it is the final stanza that persuaded me to choose it as my winner with its ironic allusion to Wilfrid Owen’s poem ‘Futility’ where this time it is the girl-soldier being moved in vain into the sun where she will never again smell ‘the honeysuckle and the yellow rose’ nor hear ‘the maudlin requiem of the whippoorwill’. An outstanding and thought-provoking poem; a perfect winner.

For more information about this competition, including the winning poems, see Web poetry competition results 2015.

Highly commended: Mark A Murphy, Harriet MacMillan, Dana Andersen

Competition anthology: Journeys Beyond


Short Story competition

Winner: Joan Christie

The shortlist: Fiona Armstrong, Tony Axelrad, Joan Christie, Anita Davie, Ruko Kitamaro, Brian Lockett, Ann Butler Rowlands, Yvonne Mallett, L F Roth, Mark Sheeky, Janet H Swinney

Flash Fiction competition

Winner: Catherine Edmunds

This was a strong list and contained a wide range of ideas about what flash fiction ought to be. A real pleasure to read. Congratulations to Catherine, and to the other authors whose stories were in a hotly contested final round: Susan Carey, Paul Dawson, Sue Hoffmann, J A Holland, Barbara Lorna Hudson, Mandy Pannett, L F Roth, Pat Simmons and Malcolm Sinclair

The shortlist: Susan Carey, Paul Dawson, Sue Hoffmann, J A Holland, Barbara Lorna Hudson, Mandy Pannett, L F Roth, Pat Simmons, Malcolm Sinclair, Brian Webster, Brock James Davies, Rhona Gorringe, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Ben Howels, Kate Ashlin, Emma Heath, Anne Elder, Katrina Collett, Andrew Irvine, Frances Colville, Edmund Piper, Ren Watson, Jeanne Davies, Fred Canavan, Hilary Hopker

Biography challenge

Winner: Brian Harwood for his historical biography Fixer and Fighter - the tumultuous life of Hubert de Burgh (1170–1243)

The shortlist: Christine Collette, Michelle Crowther, Pam Eaves, Catherine Edmunds, Brian Harwood, Maureen Hibbert, Charles Neyra, Carole A Ridge

Poetry collection competition

Winner: Caron Freeborn, who receives a £100 advance and a contract for a poetry collection with Circaidy Gregory Press | Runners-up: Mick Evans, Andie Lewenstein and June Wentland

The shortlist: Angela Arnold, Rata Gordon, Eilidh Thomas, Anthony Watts and John Wilks.


Short story competition

Winner: Julian Holt for The several deaths of Finbar’s father

Judge's comments: the depth and craft of the winning story by Julian Holt leaves me delighted that we still do high quality books of our shortlists. This is going to be a super anthology – well done to Julian, and to the shortlisted authors.

Shortlist: RJ Allison, Stephen Atkinson, Anne Ayres, Jane Borges, Michael Davis,Sarah Evans, Michael Fowler, Andrew Hanson, Colin Hefferman, Robert Holtom, Paul Houghton, Yvonne Mallett, Rob Percival, L F Roth, Susan Smith, Martin Tyrrell

Competition anthology: The several deaths of Finbar's father

Comedy competition

Winner: Phil Berthoud for Atmosphere

Shortlist: Dave Bryan, David Clemson, Liz Crosby, Maureen Cullen, John Holland, David Houston, Felicity Knight, Melissa Lawrence, Gillian Leaver, Lorna Liffen, Bill Lythgoe, Yvonne Mallett, Tony Noon, Tony Oswick, Angela Perkins, L F Roth, Pippa Sherman, Eddie Summers, Livia Varju, Heather Wastie and William Wood

Competition anthology: 'ell oh 'ell - You have to laugh it says so

Poetry competition

Winner: Jacqui Rochford for Mooring

Shortlist: Heather Buswell, Jan Harris, Michael Law, Jonathan Payne, Caroline Stockford, Andrea Tang, Roger Elkin, Terence Kenehan, Caroline Oakley, L F Roth, Emma Teichmann, Marilyn Francis, Phil McNulty, Mandy Pannett, Keith Shaw, Heather Williams

Flash fiction competition

Winner: Jeanne Davies for Stag Night

Shortlist: R J Allison, Antony N Britt, Sasha Brown, Sue Clark, Jill Clough, Frances Colville, Dave Drummond, Bronwen Griffiths, Laura Guthrie, John Holland, Jeff Jones, Meredith Jones, Patricia Leake, Phil McNulty, Mark Nightstone, Emily Price, Ian Shine, Andrea Tang, Maree Teychenné and Jax Vincent


Short story competition

Winner: Lance Hanson for Sleeping Jesus and the Green Goblin | Runners-up: Sarah Evans and Chris Franks

Shortlist: Steve Atkinson, Richard Awdry, Sharon Boyle, Joanna Campbell, S M H Davies, Helen Holmes, Julian Holt, L F Roth, Siobhan O'Tierney, Janet H Swinney

Competition anthology: Significant Spaces

Web poetry competition

Winner: Roger Elkin for Zulu Dancing | Runners-up: Sheila Wild, Jacqui Rochford and Keith Shaw

Shortlist: Alyson Morris, Andria Cooke, Daniel Gustaffson, Jocelyn Simms, Ginna Wilkerson

Competition anthology: This is a book about Alice

Flash fiction competition

Winner: Vivien Jones for Shooting Game | Runners-up: Charles Menzinger, Sue Hoffmann and Gaynor Jones

Shortlist: Steve Atkinson, Luke Bowden, Gary J Dooley, Cedric Fox-Kirk, Deborah Heath, Susan Mazzotta, L F Roth, Janet Turner.